3 August 2012

Medalling with medals

The Olympics are here (in case you hadn't noticed), and there is much talk about medals.  David Watkins was responsible for designing the 2012 medals, and although I admire his previous work, I am perplexed by the monstrously large medals being held aloft by winning athletes. Large enough to fling into the sky at a clay pigeon shoot, their apparent weight just doesn't seem to match their size.  

Medals, London 2012 Olympics
So, this led me to think about the nature of medals.  Is their primary function as personal recognition of achievement, or a public display of supremacy and strength?  I am instantly attracted to the collision of textiles and metal in traditional medals, and welcome the excuse for a bit of showy colour in an otherwise sombre dresscode, but think I would prefer something a bit more subtle ... a whispering medal, if there could be such a thing.

Studio work - Medal 1, found textile, found metal, plastidip  © Vanda Campbell 2012
Studio work - Medal 2, found textile, found mirror  © Vanda Campbell 2012
Studio work - Medal 3, found textile, found glass  © Vanda Campbell 2012

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