25 August 2012

Sleeveless in Seattle

It's nearing assessment time for the current module on the MA, and I have been looking at ways to bring my current research to a (borrowing a phrase from Helen Carnac) resting place.  Jewellery needs to connect with the human body in order to fulfil its function.  Without this connection, it is nothing more than an assemblage. Or in my case, a found object assemblage - static, or worse, stagnant.  

Being placed directly on the body, or clothing that is worn however, brings the possibility of all sorts of accidental collisions. Something worn on the wrist, has the potential to momentarily connect with a neck piece as the body goes through the unrehearsed choreography of everyday movement.  It is at these points of synthesis that the excitement happens.

Blouse Bangle - silk organza, print, stitch © Vanda Campbell 2012 
Blouse Bracelet - silk organza, found object, elastic, ceramic, aluminium © Vanda Campbell 2012 
Blouse Necklace - copper, Plastidip, cotton © Vanda Campbell 2012 
Blouse Brooch - found mirror, paper, stitch  © Vanda Campbell 2012 
Studio work - Collision © Vanda Campbell 2012 
Studio work - Collision © Vanda Campbell 2012 

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