5 August 2012

The wrong sort of random

Team Campbell are off on their summer holidays to sunny St Ives.  Our Bell Tent has never looked so fabulous, bedecked as it is with bunting, polka dots, and a veritable booty of solar powered lanterns.  Whilst setting up a string of 'random' coloured lights to frame the zipway (like a doorway, but in a tent), I realised I was spending an awfully long time to get the colour combination just right ... any offers of help were rebuked with a cry of "No!, that's the wrong sort of random".  

Can there be such a thing?

I've written before of my quest to add an awkwardness or 'dirtiness' to my practice, and maybe surrendering to true randomness could be a start.  

1 comment:

  1. Sorry to lower the intellectual tone, Vanda, but it's brought to mind the old PG Tips ad: 'can you ride t'tandom?' - 'can you do t'random?'
    And no, I can't either!