30 December 2011

Don't judge a brooch by it's backing

I've been researching the judges, Bob Ebendorf and Amy Tavern, for the "Hot Under The Collar" competition, and look what I've found.  Aren't they wonderful?  I have been pondering the use of existing pins and attachments for my jewellery for some time, and chose to use safety pins for my Chatelaine brooches, as a means of attaching the fabric brooch.  On reflection, although the concept was valid, the safety pins looked too clumsy and unresolved, so I didn't take the idea any further.  Amy's Tiny and Bent Brooch and Brooch No 2 are, I think, completely successful, and so I won't be giving up on this means of pin quite yet.  

Tiny and Bent Brooch
oxidized sterling silver, cotton cord, safety pin
1” x 1.125” x .125”
fabricated 2010 Amy Tavern

Brooch No. 2
From Installation “Collected Memories: 1974-Present”
2010 Amy Tavern

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