2 December 2011

A Case of Forsaken Identity

I have been loathed to adopt the term 'jeweller' to describe my practice. Coming from a family of goldsmiths and fine jewellers, the term is loaded for me. On my foundation course, many years ago, both of my tutors (the wonderful Terry Shave and Kay Maclaurin) encouraged me to pursue jewellery at art college, yet I resisted and scuttled off to Hull to study Fine Art. Here I am, years later, still wearing the same label, but only now can I read it for myself. 

I am Vanda Campbell, and I make jewellery.

Cutting Edge,Found Object, Steel, Thread 2010 © Vanda Campbell
Cut Glass Found Object, Glass, Thread 2010 © Vanda Campbell
From the Chatelaines Collection, 2010

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