2 August 2013

Off The Cuff

I have made a number of pieces (Jilted, Thick Skinnedexploring the relationship between skin and wearable object.  To balance this, it's time to investigate the fabric layer, the clothing, which usually lies between the object, specifically jewellery, and the skin (body) on which it's worn.

As an integral part of who we are and what we do clothing has assumed many roles, including the ability to contain and carry through the addition of pockets, openings and fixings. The interplay of function and form, and the constant movement of, and interaction with, the fabric is at the centre of all of this is. Often unknowingly, people 'play' with their clothing, and in the process, momentarily redefine its form: shirtsleeves are rolled up; warm knitted sleeves are pulled down to cover fingers on a cold day' scarves are twisted and knotted; hemlines are hitched.

At this point of play, I suspect that clothing takes on a new role.  If a jumper is worn casually slung across our shoulders, perhaps with the cuffs carefully knotted on our chests, is it, at this point, a jumper, or has it become a necklace?
Found photograph
"Actress Deborah Kerr Wearing A Straw Hat, 
a Sweater Tied Around Her Shoulders"
Off The Cuff Studio work - found vintage dress, stitch, paper
© Vanda Campbell 2013
Off The Cuff Studio - found objects, paper, stitch
© Vanda Campbell 2013

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