14 October 2011

7 days, 7 finds, 7 chains of office

Its been a while since I posted, but the start of a new term on a new course (MA Applied Arts), made me think think it's about time I sharpened my virtual pencils!  So here we are, the result of our first mini 'getting to know you' project where we were asked to record how we responded to the environment over a period of 7 days.  I spend most of my days walking with my eyes focussed on the ground looking for treasure ... so, here's this week's collection, rescued from the gutter and given a new identity.



  1. Shock! You've just updated your blog! Is it going to be worth me checking in on a regular basis now???

    Your pieces are lovely - as ever! And the way you photograph them is stunning!

    And, yes, I DID go in to uni yesterday! It wasn't book binding 'as advertised' but how to prepare a silk screen for printing (apparently we have to do our own now) so that was fortuitous! I also managed to change my dissertation tutorial to a better time, and get some research books from the LRC, so worth going in.

    I can hear you saying 'I told you so' as I type!!!


  2. These were great fun Vanda. I keep looking at the ground since Tuesday to see what I might find!

  3. What news and what lovely pieces! All well in the North country. I have been selling paintings, prints (and tea cosies) through taking part in C-ART - Cumbria's open studio event in September. I have just had my sink sorted out in the studio and can get back to ceramics now too. A bit nervous with kiln as I have to be my own technician now!

    Look forward to seeing more postings, Jane Willis x

  4. So pleased to have been pointed in the direction of your blog Vanda. Some fascinating work and stimulating ideas beautifully expressed. Wish I could find the 'follow' button! to add yours to blogs I follow. Nevertheless, I'll be back.