10 April 2010

Lostings and Foundlings

A birthday trip to London, and a chance to visit some exhibitions that have been on my "to do" list for a while. First stop was the Foundling Museum in London, where the stars of the show proved not to be the eagerly anticipated Tracey Emin and Paula Rego exhibits, but small tokens of love, left by mothers for their child as they handed them over to the care of the Foundling Hospital. Sadly, these tokens never made it to their intended recipient, and the poignancy of this loss was a powerful contrast to their understated beauty and charm.

So, this got me thinking ... maybe I can find some way of relating my found treasures to this story. Exhibited on a gallery or studio wall they are foundlings. As they are removed from this faux exhibit to be worked on, added to, explored, does the space left behind become a losting?

Studio shot, 2010

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